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If you're here for my Besiege or Cities: Skylines creations, head to my workshop:


I founded Umbradius at the beginning of 2015, as a student project while attending Savo Vocational College. The intention was to set up a company, learn the ins and outs of running it and then proceed to start working on video games to develop and sell.

The main focus for the company at the moment is to learn about game development, and hopefully release something cool in the future.

About Me

Tomi Mönkkönen

Hey! I'm a web designer and an aspiring game developer, living in Kuopio, Finland.

I love working with customers to help them achieve a visual identity that will be imprinted in the minds of their customers.

In my spare time, I study game development, which is the dream job for me. I also love electronic music, scifi movies and experimental art.


Feel free to contact me by my email tomi@umbradius.com or fill out the form below and I'll get back as soon as possible!